How can I help YOU?

I’m a Doctor.

I’m a Coach.

I’m an Athlete.

I get it.


USING anatomy knowledge and diagnostic skills OF A PHYSICAL THERAPIST to figure out whats going on.


USING coachING and programMING EXPERIENCE at various gyms TO understand functional fitness, weightlifting, and how to break down movements FOR YOU.


USING MY EXPERIENCE AS an athlete TO RELATE TO YOU. You can catch me sweating it out in the box regularly. I know what it feels like.


I can help YOU.


move better, feel better and perform better.

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Online Programming

10 weeks of personalized online programming. This will include loaded mobility, unilateral strength, stability, and tempo work. All the good stuff to get you moving without pain, performing better, and hitting PRs.

Movement Assessment

An hour thats all about seeing the way you move. We will test strength, mobility, stability, movement patterns, everything from where it hurts to how you squat.


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Proudly providing performance training

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