It all starts with a movement assessment


A movement assessment is one hour. Heres what will happen:

-Assess the way you move, including your squat, hinge, press, etc.

-Test your mobility, strength, and unilateral stability.

-Do some specific diagnostic tests to figure out what is going on.

-Do some hands on recovery - dry needling, cupping, soft tissue, etc.

-Make a plan: In person visits only or hybrid model with online programming.



Hybrid Model

After evaluating you, we can move to 10 weeks of online programming, with check ins and accountability. The Hybrid Model includes:

- Movement Assessment mentioned above.

-10 weeks of online performance training programming. 3x/week, mobility, stability and strength work programmed specifically for you.

-Three 30 minute accountability check ins throughout the 10 weeks for body work (dry needling, soft tissue work) and to review exercises.


Physical Therapy

If you are looking for one on one Performance training, we will still start with the hour movement assessment. From there you can move to:

-session to session.

-6 or 10 session packages.

-Body work sessions (hands on recovery only including dry needling, cupping, soft tissue, etc).


Personal Training

Coming back from an injury, feeling good, and want someone to ease you back into the gym routine? Want one on one workouts, focusing on the stability and movements you need help with to get back to your maximum potential?

- 45 minute personal training sessions.

hybrid model


-1 hour movement assessment

-10 weeks personalized online programming

-3x 30 minute accountability/body work sessions

- End goal: Train Pain Free

Physical Therapy


-1 hour movement assessment 

-6 session package $810 (135/session)

-10 session package $1250 (125/session)

Body work

$85/ session

$75/monthly session


-Hands on recovery

-dry needling, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, etc.

Personal training


45 minute sessions:

-1 session for $90

-10 sessions for $800 (80/session)

-20 sessions for $1400 (70/session)


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