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How do you build healthy, resilient, and strong athletes?

It starts with accurately assessing an athletes movement patterns, limitations and needs. Its about knowing the warm up, cool down, and accessory work regimen necessary to allow for increased load, volume and capacity. It's about having confidence in regressing a movement appropriately to accommodate injury and movement dysfunction. It is knowing what to do beyond the daily programming on the whiteboard.



This course will teach gym owners, coaches and fitness professionals how to effectively assess athletes.


In The Box PT is all about addressing mobility, stability and strength deficits, identifying common injuries and implementing healthy volume into programming.

Learning Objectives:


-How to effectively assess and evaluate athletes to identify movement dysfunctions.


-Identify common injuries and progress athletes accordingly in class and 1 on 1 settings.


-Implement healthy volume into programming, including building resiliency pre and post training.

Dr. maysa hannawi, PT, DPT, CF-L1

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