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Nutrition Partnership

IBX x BrewCity CrossFit

We are so excited to partner with BrewCity members to provide elite Nutrition services and make sure everyone is feeling and looking their best. Check out our mission, and more about Coach Gina - the official IBX Nutrition coach for BrewCity CrossFit.


IBX x BrewCity

In The Box PT believes in building strong and resilient humans. We look at health from every angle, starting with lifestyle and habits all the way to nutrition and movement. You guys are crushing it in the gym at BrewCity every single day, becoming stronger, faster and fitter. We are here to make sure you are fueling your body appropriately to perform, look and feel the way you want to - and to keep crushing it in the box.


Meet Coach Gina

Many of you have seen Gina around the gym, lifting heavy weights and cheering everybody on. Coach Gina is the IBX Nutrition Coach for BrewCity CrossFit.

Gina was born and raised in a big Italian family, and has been in the wellness world her whole life - starting at age 9 when she did her first triathlon. Gina has competed in over 100 triathlons, including 2 Ironmans, and qualified for worlds on the USA team. Gina graduated university with a BS in dietetics. 

Gina's passion is sports performance. She is a firm believer in finding a balance in all aspects of life.

Fun Fact: Gina just became a mom to her perfect daughter Luna.

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